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QuackUps Solar Powered Bubbler Fountain for Hummingbirds and Small Birds

QuackUps Solar Powered Bubbler Fountain for Hummingbirds and Small Birds

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Hummingbirds love bathing, drinking, and playing in the water. They not only need water to drink and for their babies, but it’s what keeps them clean and bug-free.

QuackUps Hummingbird Solar Bubbler Fountain provides actively moving water without any external power source. It can be located anywhere there is sunlight. It needs no batteries or electricity. 

★ATTRACTIVE TO HUMMINGBIRDS - QuackUps Hummingbird Solar Bubbler Fountain is designed to attract hummingbirds. It has a red dome in the center to attract hummingbirds easily. Hummingbirds instinctively watch for red things and investigate them.

★EASY TO USE - Just add Sunlight and Water! It can be easily moved from place to place throughout the day to capture the sunlight.

★VERY EFFICIENT - QuackUps Hummingbird Solar Bubbler Fountain, a bird bath fountain, is powered by solar energy. In the morning, when the sun comes out, the Bubbler Fountain will start working, and at the end of the day, it automatically turns off. If you think about it, the timing is perfect. The birds go to sleep when the sun goes down. When the hummingbirds wake up, the Bubbler Fountain starts working again.

★ECO-FRIENDLY - Quackups Hummingbird Solar Bubbler Fountain is completely solar powered, with no batteries and no electrical wirings. It is designed to provide bubbling water without any external source.



The Bubbler is simple to use. Just add water and sun! It starts pumping automatically.

The solar pump has a small, slotted screen to keep out bits of debris. You should clean the screen when you notice it’s dirty or the pump starts to slow.

Periodically remove the pump from the solar disk and remove the screen for cleaning. The frequency that you need to clean depends on the number of particulates that fall into the Bubbler.

Keep water in the Bubbler. The warmer the weather, the quicker the water will evaporate. When the Bubbler runs out of water, it will make a grinding sound. Just add more water, and it’ll start pumping again. You can just pour it anywhere into the Bubbler, and it will find its way to the pump. It’s best to fill the Bubbler daily.

Do not add chemicals to the Bubbler water. The birds won’t like it, and it may even be harmful to their health.

NOTE: This product will not operate in shade or darkness.


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