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Quackups Solar Powered Bird Bath Bubbler

Quackups Solar Powered Bird Bath Bubbler

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Quackups® Solar-Powered Bird Bath Bubbler: Attract Birds and Hummingbirds - Ideal for Outdoor Gardens and Backyards, Doubles as Winter Bird Feeder

🌞Harmony with Nature 

Quackups® Bird Bath Bubbler is Solar powered, tapping into the sun's natural energy. This means no batteries or cords, just an eco-friendly way to bring life to your garden.

💧Thoughtful Design 

Our Quackups® Bird Bath Bubbler Fountain features a Large 15-inch diameter Bowl, reducing the need for frequent water refills. 

💧Dynamic Water Flow

Quackups® Bird Bath Bubbler is equipped with a Large Solar Panel - 6.25 inches for active water movement, creating an inviting and dynamic flow. The Solar Pump is designed to stay centered in the bowl, offering stable water movement.

💧Easy Maintenance 

Quackups® Solar Bird Bath Bubbler comes with a special Open-Cell Foam Pre-Filter. This thoughtful addition keeps the water not just clean, but crystal clear, creating a pure, serene oasis. It acts as a gentle guardian, warding off pollutants, pollen, and mosquito larvae, ensuring that our feathered friends can enjoy their bathing and drinking in the safest and most tranquil environment possible. 

💧Birds' Spa Retreat 

The gentle bubbling of our Quackups® Solar Birdbath fountain provides the perfect space for birds to care for their feathers. It's not just a garden decoration but a sanctuary for your feathered visitors.

❄️Year-Round Care 

Quackups® Solar Bird Bath Bubbler also serves as a less-mess BIRD FEEDER in winter. Simply swap out the solar fountain disk for bird seeds. It's a way to ensure your feathered friends are nurtured all year long.

Quackups® Solar Bird Bath Bubbler is designed to connect you with nature, offering a peaceful spot for both you and birds to enjoy. It's a simple way to add a touch of nature's tranquility to your life.


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